Anonymous asked:

Hay gurl so what I find weird is that BIXANNA LOL is becoming more popular than NALU? how is it that a crackship is more popular than Nalu which is NONE crack? I don't understand it and it's really ridic imo I mean ppl can ship what they want but i am getting a feeling that this is to keep Lisanna away from Natsu. There is no denying that most shippers of that fandom are doing just that.

she-was-abandoned answered:

i do agree that its kinda sad that a crack ship is getting more popularity and hype than a non crack ship lol. personally i think bixanna is way more interesting than nalu, i actually went into the bixanna tag yesterday and one of the first things i saw was a drawing of what would be ”bixanna’s child” and the kid looked cool with light blue hair and light blue eyes and just as crazy as bixslow. thats way better than nalu’s ”nashi” which is actually nothing in japanese lol. there have been many attempts to keep lisanna away from natsu, who knows if bixanna is another one of them from what i’ve seen they claim to ship them cause the strauss family is apparently hooking up with the raijinshuu members, lol.